Avon Protection introduces the Deltair®, the most innovative SCBA available, designed by firefighters for firefighters.

To meet the critical needs of the fire service, Deltair has been developed to meet and exceed the new NFPA 1981, 1982, 2013 Edition Standard on Open-Circuit Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services. Discover more about the new symbol of respiratory protection below.


Deltair™ Self Contained Breathing Apparatus – 2013 NFPA CERTIFIED


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Recuer & RIT

The Avon Protection Rescuer RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) System offers a remote air supply for RIT Teams to support down SCBA users or non-fire department personnel in need of emergency supply of breathing air. The Rescuer provides many options to connect to any type of SCBA including industry standard fittings. The pigtail quick-connects to the industry-standard RIC fitting supplied on SCBAs for easy use. The Rescuer can also be utilized as a victim rescue system in the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) configuration.

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