empest is known for building heavy-duty ventilation products for the fire service and we offer that same level of durability in our industrial products. Tempest industrial blowers are designed to provide the ventilation that todays contractors require, while standing up to years of use and abuse.

Industrial-Series Power Blowers

Tempest’s powerful industrial blowers produce massive amounts of air to ventilate contaminants, toxic fumes and vapors from confined spaces.


Available ONLY from Tempest the Original PORT-A-LITE (PAL-30)




Used by contractors and the rental market for years, the PAL-30 is available only from Tempest Technology, the world leader in Positive Pressure Ventilation products. The PAL-30 produces a powerful shaft of air to ventilate any jobsite. Its managed airflow enhances worker productivity by improving the working environment and provides for increased worker safety.

  • Rugged roll cage design of 1.5” tubular steel
  • Durable and reliable
  • Full vertical or horizontal operation “up or down”
  • 30” AirFlex Composite Impeller
  • 1.5 HP 115V, 1725 RPM one-speed electric motor


Versatile Tempest EB-24-I for Large Site Ventilation




EB-24-I is the natural companion to the PAL-30.   The heavy-duty shroud increases air velocity for large area ventilation and allows for attaching Tempest Smooth Bore Ducting or Dust Containment Bag.   Manufactured from industrial grade materials, these rugged frames incorporate 12 gauge 1” steel tubing, powder coated for long lasting durability.   Grills are single wire spiral, zinc-plated with a clear chromate finish that meets UL and CE safety requirements.

Also available with an “explosion-proof” (EP) motor.

  • Full vertical or horizontal operation “up or down”
  • Shrouded for controlled air movement
  • Durable and reliable
  • Tilt adjustment (approx.): 8-, 12- and 20-degree
Ventilation Systems
Dust/Fume/Odor Control Package

A simple and effective way to remove fumes, dust or odors from a jobsite.   Place the blower near the source of the contaminants, connect Smooth Bore Ducting, and run the ducting to an outside area (up to 250 feet away).   Includes: EB-24, 500-foot roll of Smooth Bore Ducting, ratchet tie. Add optional Smooth Bore Stabilizer for extra directional control of ducting.

Dust Containment Package

Turn your Tempest Power Blower into a powerful dust containment system. Place the blower near the source of grinding dust and connect the Dust Containment bag. Includes: EB-24, 16’ Dust Containment Bag. Use Smooth Bore Ducting and Smooth Bore Stabilizer to locate dust bag outside.

Warehouse Cooling Package

Everything you need to provide effective cooling over a large work area. Connect Smooth Bore Ducting to the blower, install Misting Ring, run ducting through or over the jobsite, and cut holes where you want cool air. Includes: EB-24, 500-foot roll of Smooth Bore Ducting, Misting Ring, Smooth Bore Stabilizer, 2-ratchet ties.