How The Snagger Tool Came To Be:

The Snagger Tool was designed and developed by Luke Geleynse of the North Grenville Fire Service in Kemptville Ontario. The North Grenville department consists of about 45 members and has an average of 300+ calls a year. As a busy volunteer department it was evident that there had to be a safer and more convenient way to handle charged line. Luke set out to develop a tool for this back in 2007 and the first prototype was built using simple 3/4 copper pipe and fittings.

In 2011 the time became available to begin developing protoypes and the initial patents were filed. Working with Chris Bartlett of Bartlett Consulting, initial design and production methods were explored, but at the same time Luke’s main business Terravis Wind Energy was dealing with Kinetic Solar out of Toronto and the owners Henry and Archie explained the process of aluminum extrusion and how it could be used to produce the Snagger.

Luke employed Paul Terpstraand Terpstra Creative from Hamilton to aid in the development of the promotional videos and early marketing strategy. Paul had connections with the Innovation Factory in Hamilton and with their assistance Snagger was able to better understand the market. When a new TV series called “Backyard Inventors” came to the Innovation Factory – Snagger was introduced and ended up being featured on the show in April 2012.

Many thanks to the firefighters from North Grenville Fire Service for their help in the filming of the scenarios and instructional videos.

Thanks to Chief Paul Hutt, Capt Charles Bond, Capt Randy Urslak, Lt Hal Thompson, Lt Mark McFalls, Lt. Bill Finley, Bill Kinnear, Scott Carson, Zen Stefani, Terry Heslop, Derrick Kingsley, Elizabeth Greenberg, Mike Finley and others who aren’t mentioned but who have been a support through the time this tool has been in development.

 The Idea Behind The Snagger Tool: 


The goal in designing the Snagger Tooltm was to provide as small, light, strong, and convenient a tool as possible in an electrically non-conductive material. It is designed to be carried in your bunker gear pocket and be available right when you need it. It limits the number of tools you carry to the fireground.