FDC Personnel:

Earl Johnson: President/Owner, Earl has over 25 1/2 years as a paid professional firefighter and over 3 years of college and professional development in the fire service.  He has completed specialized training for fire apparatus, aircraft and automotive extrication and fire fighting tactics and strategy.  In addition, he was a Certified Arizona State paramedic for 16 years and is also a veteran of the USAF. This background allows him to provide realistic application training to firefighters and has a high degree of credibility as a knowledgeable instructor and vendor.  He has provided millions dollars of firefighting equipment to fire departments across Arizona and was one of the largest distributors for ISI in 2005.  Earl retired from the Glendale Fire Department (4th largest city in AZ.) in September 2004 to focus on customer service and company growth.

Dale Price: Northern Arizona Sales, Dale retired from the Highlands Fire District in 2008 with over 20 years of service and served as Captain for the last 18 years.  He was certified as an Arizona State IEMT, State Land Red Card Engine Boss as well as serving as a State Certified Fire Instructor.  He also played an active role in the evaluation of and procurement of equipment for his department and is well versed in numerous fields of products. His business skills are substantiated by his Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in Business Management.

Andy Marshall: Law Enforcement Sales, Andy Marshall retired in 2012 as a detective from the Scottsdale, AZ Police Department after completing 30 years in law enforcement. Andy’s career spanned many work assignments to include patrol officer, field training officer, motorcycle traffic officer, and traffic accident investigator. He spent 19 years on the department SWAT Team. The last 15 years of his career was spent assigned to the full-time portion of the SWAT Team, the Special Assignments Unit. As an SAU detective, Andy gained extensive experience in non-traditional investigative techniques, undercover and covert operations, surveillance/counter-surveillance, and street-level high-risk suspect apprehensions. Additionally, Andy served as a firearms instructor and defensive tactics instructor. He also served as the primary quartermaster for the SWAT Team, responsible for equipping a team of 30 tactical operators. His experience as an end user gives him in-depth insight when it comes to selecting the right gear for the mission. Andy served as the SWAT trainer and coordinator for the team’s CBRNE response. His breadth of experience in this arena gives him a unique understanding of the many facets related to the use and maintenance of various types of respiratory protective equipment and other PPE used by law enforcement professionals.


Office Personnel:

Bill Hosford: Controller, Bill joined FDC in May of 2007 to assist in performing many responsibilities handled by Earl.  This allows Earl additional time in the field with customers and building a larger sales staff.  Bill has over 10 years experience in the computer industry, operations management and outside sales.   Bill’s responsibilities include customer orders and distribution, accounts receivable/payable, quotations, inventory control, website development and maintenance, computer networking and software maintenance and other essential services to enhance FDC operations.  Bill received his Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from Northeastern University and a Masters in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.  Bill is also a veteran of the USAF.


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