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O'Gara Tool Bag (OGTB-1)

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O'Gara Tool Bag (OGTB-1)

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  This Pocket Tool Bag organizes your pocket tools with four separate compartments and provides easy access to everything, right at your fingertips. Tool bag fits right inside your turnout gear pocket. No more endless digging to find the tool you need. Tool bag also protects your turnout gear pockets from rips and tears caused by sharp tools, such as screw drivers, shove knives, etc. This is much less expensive than replacing or patching Nomex pockets! Size: Options 1 and 2 refer to the Velcro configuration on your own turnout gear pockets: Lift up the flap on your pocket and look at the Velcro that is already on your pocket, not the flap. Option 1: Soft Side Out If the Velcro on your pocket is the soft “loop” side of the Velcro, choose the Soft Side Out option. Option 2: Catch Side Out If the Velcro on your pocket is the catch “hook” side of the Velcro, choose the Catch Side Out option.

#OGTB-1OGARA Tool Bag, Option 110"H x 8"W x 1.5"D


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