Avon Protection is a leader in the design and development of SCBA, Airline Respirators, Escape Respirators and Thermal Imaging systems.   As part of our unrivalled 80 year pedigree in respiratory protection as Avon Protection, Avon works closely with company teams to insure all products meet the robust end-user requirements of the first responder communities. Avon Protection’s expanding global client base now includes military forces, civil and first line defense troops, emergency service teams and industrial, marine, mineral and oil extraction site personnel.   All put their trust in Avon’s advanced respiratory protection solutions to shield them from every possible threat.




Deltair™ Self Contained Breathing Apparatus – 2013 NFPA CERTIFIED


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Thermal Imager

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Telemetry Electronic Air Management System

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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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RIT & RIC Systems

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