ZAK Tool products are designed especially for Police and Fire agencies. Made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials, our products are built to last. For example, our handcuff keys are of a standard design and are compatible with all standard series handcuffs. All keys are made of heat treated stainless steel and are designed to provide an indefinite period of service. Because of the high grade material and craftsmanship employed, it is possible and practical for us to offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee.



Fire Products


The Halligan Entry Tool was designed for use by fire & rescue personnel for gaining entry into buildings, vehicles and other locked enclosures.  The working ends of the tool will perform a diversity of tasks including prying, pounding, and puncturing. The tubular steel handle reduces the overall weight while enhancing leverage, control and balance during use.  The material used as well as the manufacturing process involved are the best available and are backed with a full lifetime guarantee.


Hydrant Wrench accommodates pentagon stems up to 1-7/8″. Insert included for use on small pentagon stems Reversing lever in head.  Made from heat-treated stainless steel. Handle length – 15″.




Rescue Saw –  manually operated rescue saw provides rescuers with extrication support. Spare blade stored inside handle. The end cap provides a gas valve shutoff, opened window breaker. And pry tool. Additional views of product shown below.