About Tempest Technology Corporation

Since 1987, Tempest Technology Corporation has been a leader in the development of innovative ventilation tools for fire fighting and industrial work environments.   In the beginning, Tempest produced inflator fans for hot air balloonists and now manufactures a wide variety of ventilation tools used by firefighters around the world to make their work environments safer. The technique of Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) has revolutionized the way hazardous interior environments are controlled and ventilated.   Whether the structure is a 1,000 square foot home, 30-story building or mile-long tunnel, Positive Pressure Ventilation can be used to quickly replace a hostile interior environment with clean, fresh air. Tempest offers a comprehensive line of gasoline, electric and hydraulic powered blowers designed for a variety of emergency ventilation applications.   Additionally, Tempest VentMaster Fire Rescue Saws and Raptor Carbide Chains are used by thousands of fire departments around the world for vertical ventilation operations. Tempest products are distributed through a global network of dealers selected for their industry knowledge, professionalism and commitment to customer service.   The Tempest dealer network includes the top equipment dealers, installers and apparatus manufacturers in each market we serve. Tempest Technology Team members are committed to providing customers and end users with the hightest level of service and support.   We take tremendous pride in our products and the role they play in enhancing safety for people who make their living working in hazardous interior environments.

Power Blowers
Fire Fighting

Tempest offers the most complete line of gasoline and electric powered blowers for fire fighting applications.   Featuring durable all steel frames, spun aluminum shrouds and composite impellers, the Tempest Power Blower has set the standards for fire/rescue blowers.




Tempest is known for building heavy-duty ventilation products for the fire service and we offer that same level of durability in our industrial products.   Tempest industrial blowers are designed to provide the ventilation that today’s contractors require while standing up to years of use and abuse.



VentMaster Saws

VentMaster Chainsaw

The advanced Tempest VentMaster rescue ventilation saw is pound for pound the most advanced chain saw on the market today!




VentMaster Cutoff Saw

The VentMaster CutoffSaws incorporates features found on no other Cutoff Saw on the market today.   These units provide for maximum power, versatility and durability.




Smoke Machines


The Shadow is the perfect starter unit for training.   Choose this machine for practical performance and cost efficiency.



Shadow 1

The Shadow 1 has been the most popular smoke machine for years due to its compact size and high smoke output.



MVU Mobile Ventilation Unit


Tempest has a selection of MVU Mobile Ventilation Units with various engines and cfm output.