Firefighting is often thought of as a job for hero’s where lives and property are at risk. But in reality it is a competition where each firefighter competes against the enemy of fire which they must win at all cost. As with all competitors, the strength and value of their equipment makes the difference between firefighters winning and losing that battle. Innotex gear is bred from that same foundation of athletic gear to allow each firefighter maximum performance with minimal restriction. This allows each firefighter to perform at their highest level to achieve success in their goal of saving lives and property for the citizens they serve. Take a look at all the Innotex designs and features; you’ll see how we can help make each firefighter a champion.


Innovative Design


Our inspired light weight designs provide a better fit allowing your body to move freely with less restriction; increasing your reach helping reduce heat stress without compromising on protection.



Combining the best NFPA 1971-2007 certified composites available with high quality stitching and strategic reinforcements has resulted in a turnout with unmatched durability.



From its unique one piece “L” shape storm flap, to our patented BR-1™ collar system, to its extra layers of thermal liner in high compression areas, INNOTEX® always strives for the up most protection.



Our performance driven designs combined with our experienced workmanship, our attention to detail, our flexibility and a careful selection of materials results in HIGH QUALITY GEAR™ that you will be proud to wear.


Custom Gear

INNOTEX®Rapid Delivery Gear

Proximity Gear