Slide-O-Matic 600 - Automatic Gallonage/Dual Pressure


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POK of North America

The SLIDE-O-MATIC offers a durable, lightweight dual pressure nozzle, 50 and 100 PSI automatic gallonage nozzle with features the firefighter is lookng for especially for CAF systems.  Machined out of high-grade aluminum alloy with the trademarked  NITUFF™ finish that gives 50 microns of PTFE impregnated anodized unlike the 20 microns of standard anodized.  The standard shutoff ball is also coated using the NITUFF™ process, which provides years of smooth action with minimal wear.


The SLIDE-O-MATIC features a wide flow range from 15 GPM to 250 GPM at either standard or low pressure. Easy to operate ring for standard (100 PSI) or low pressure (50 PSI) selection.Comes with a double ball bearing swivel for ease in connection and use.  Newly engineered design totally encapsulates the stainless steel piston valve and handle flow position stops from the environment.  Neith dirt, sand, frozen water or other debris on the outside or inside of the nozzle will prevent you from switching betweein the 6 flow settings using the handle.

Our new technology contins a redundant system for each flow selection resulting in greater user safety.  With a quick half turn of the bumper guard the nozzle will go from full fog to straight stream and flush, all without having to shut down. 

The SLIDE-O-MATIC also offers customizing with color-coded bumper, pistol grip and shutoff handle as well as type of teeth.  Comes standard with a black bumper guard and pistol grip.  

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