4038-LFA and 4038-HFA Foam Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle


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Scotty Firefighting

FEATURES The Scotty 4038 Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle is available in two flow rates, 30 gpm (4038-LFA) and 70 gpm (4038-HFA). The nozzle incorporates a standard twist-to-shut-off feature. The fog pattern created by the unit consists of a fine mist capable of fast cooling any overheated material or gas. The straight stream is highly concentrated for greater reach and delivery. The 4038 is constructed from extremely durable, engineering grade,glass-filled nylon, it will not corrode or tarnish. Practically zero maintenance is required. The unit is perfectly suitable for forestry use, residential hose reels, industrial fire cabinets and even shipboard applications. The 4038 fits standard 1-1/2” NHT or NPSH threads; or with the addition of a Scotty Reducer (4082 NHT or 4083 NPSH) it can be mounted to 1” hose lines.

Name 4038-LFA and 4038-HFA Foam Fog/Straight Stream Nozzle
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