Hot Shield® HS-2


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Hot Shield®


  • Model: HS-2
  • Weight: 5.8oz / 162.4 grams
  • Weight of Filter: .6oz / 16.8 grams
  • Sizing: One size fits all (hook and loop fasteners on neck bands secure mask to head)
  • Main Benefits: 1) Extreme thermal protection (radiant heat or direct flame) of major portions of the face and neck. 2) Reduction of inhalation of particulate matter by means of a screen/knit mesh fabric and use of disposable N-95 style filter with exhalation valve.
  • Description: A wildland protective clothing interface component safety face and neck protector garment mask. Can be classified as an interface component as defined in NFPA Standard #1977 (Wildland Protective Clothing) Appendix definition. Mask is designed with integral filter pocket that allows insertion of a low- level, disposable N-95 type respirator filter with exhalation valve. Mask can hang loosely around neck until full protection is desired. Mask uses hook and loop fasteners to secure mask to neck and head of user.
Name Hot Shield® HS-2
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