Hot Shield ® HS-4


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Hot Shield®


  • Model: HS-4
  • Weight: 3.8 oz / 106.4 grams
  • Sizing: One size fits both the SR-90/SR-100 medium and large size masks.
  • Main Benefits: 1) Extreme thermal protection (radiant heat or direct flame) of major portions of the face and neck. 2) Protection of the respirator itself.
  • Description: When combined with the Sundstrom Half Face Respirator Models SR-90/SR-100, the HS-4 can be classified as a wildland protective clothing interface component safety face and neck protector garment mask. Can be classified as an interface component as defined in NFPA Standard #1977 (Wildland Protective Clothing) Appendix definition. Mask is designed to house the Sundstrom brand, models SR-90/SR-100 Half Face Respirators. HS-4 can hang loosely around neck until full protection is desired. HS-4 uses hook and loop fasteners to secure mask to neck and head of user.
  • Materials: CarbonX wovens and knit fabrics made by Chapman Innovations of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Note: Content and materials subject to change without notice.
  • Intended Use: Firefighters and other workers in outdoor environments exposed to radiant heat, open/direct flame and airborne particulate hazards where the use of a positive pressure breathing apparatus is either impossible or impractical. These hazards may include but are not limited to brush fires, forest fires, grass fires, hay fires, cornfield fires, cane field fires, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Nighttime visibility enhancement through use of reflective tape trim sewn to left & right side of mask.
  • Care: Hand or machine wash gently with mild soap. Hang dry.
  • Warranty: One year materials and workmanship
  • Limitations: Not a respirator and not fire proof. Do not use to advance further into the fire & heat. Does not provide complete protection by itself; Sundstrom brand model SR-90/Sr-100 half face respirator required.
  • Filter: Sundstrom provides the filtration through a variety of available cartridges.
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