RT3-4323 Large Flashlight Retractor with Stabilizer


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Gear Keeper by Hammerhead

Recommended for Large Flashlights (3C/4C)

Simply extend the tether for easy use and eliminate the risk of loss or the need to re-clip flashlight. Ideal when using your flashlight and you need to let go to use both hands!

Mounting System

  • Mount your Retractor to a tab, flap or a pocket.
  • Retractor may be mounted inside of a pocket allowing flashlight to be stored in pocket when not in use. While using your flashlight, if you need your hands free, simply release the flashlight and it will be retracted back to the pocket.


  • Nylon Line w/ Kevlar Core
  • Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • 80 lbs. Breaking Strength

Retracting End Type

Quick Connect-II (Q/C-II)

  • Quickly and easily disconnect flashlight from Gear Keeper.


Name RT3-4323 Large Flashlight Retractor with Stabilizer
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