MicroDock II


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BW Technologies by Honeywell

Automate compliance and maintenance

The MicroDock II automated calibration, test and record storage system is a cost-effective way to manage the calibration and bump testing of BW’s portable gas detectors. Fully portable and easily expandable, the MicroDock II requires no computer and provides simultaneous management of up to ten docking modules. Cost and time requirements for routine maintenance are reduced through the MicroDock II’s sophisticated automatic calibration and test procedures. Instrument records are stored for easy retrieval in the MicroDock II and each individual gas detector. Each MicroDock II can be connected via a LAN connection. • No computer required • Fully portable • Automatic bump test and calibration • Expandable up to ten modules • Stores and updates calibration records • Automatically tests audible and visual alarms • Fleet Manager II software included • Manage multiple MicroDock II systems via LAN  



Name MicroDock II
Meta Title BW Technologies MicroDock II