PAC II Ultra CarbonKnight


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Majestic Fire Apparel

Ultra CarbonKnight

4th generation advanced CARBON technology
3 elements needed for fire = Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel Without one element, a fire cannot start or continue When exposed to flame, CarbonKnight fibers expand, creating an Oxygen starved environment
so fire cannot continue.  Material is self extinguishing Inherently flame resistant (no harsh chemical treatments) Odor neutralizing, Anti-Static, Low Heat Conductivity Maintains performance values after laundering Finished to minimize shrinkage
Thermal Knit (waffle knit) allows for air  layer of protection

Material Content: 65% Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile (OPF)/ 35% artificial tri-blend

Material Construction: 1 x 1 Thermal Knit (waffle weave)

Material Weight: 6.5 oz / yd2 (+1 / -.5)

Material Color Black (Standard)

Ultra Carbon Knight

Ultra Carbon Knight Specs

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Name PAC II Ultra CarbonKnight
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